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or DISCOVERY for $200

            Discovery Services Include:

  1. Submit signed Power of Attorney to IRS
  2. Schedule interview with IRS agent
  3. Initiate review with IRS agent
  4. Pull account transcripts for tax years owed
  5. Pull Wage & Income transcripts for years un-filed
  6. Establish total amount owed
  7. Determine procedures needed to bring into compliance
  8. Review Discovery with client
  9. Supply client with written results and transcripts
  10. Recommend services needed for debt Resolution
  11. New quote for Resolution will be provided, based on findings, minus the $200 already paid

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Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION

We are just a call or a click away from helping you battle your specific tax struggle with the IRS and/or State. Once you retain Plan B Tax Relief to combat your tax problems, we will:

  • STOP THE IRS from any further collection efforts.
  • REDUCED THE AMOUNT OWED through Amended Income Tax Returns and Penalty Abatement and/or Offer in Compromise.
  • RESOLVE THE PROBLEM in the best interest of the tax payer.



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